All The Grammy FLUBS You Didn’t See!

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It’s Grammy Sunday and it was night full of amazing performances! But of course, with all the greatness… there were a few flubs you might not have caught… so Clevver’s here to give you the moments, you may not have seen! What’s up guys, It’s Dani Golub here on Clevver News and the Grammys were stacked with amazing performances and some pretty iconic moments! BUTTTT we couldn’t help but notice just a few flubs that happened during the evening like the food in Nick Jonas’ teeth during his performance of “What A Man Got To Do.” OH you didn’t catch that? No worries we did! During the Jo-Bros performances of their new single, “What A Man Gotta Do,” during an up close and personal moment with the camera Nick was belting out the tunes and clearly didn’t check himself in the mirror prior to his performance. Nick clearly had a lil snack prior to the show and it showed up and out while he was singing! Take a close look at this person who caught the moment on camera. THey tweeted, “Is Nick Jonas on the #GRAMMYs stage with spinach or something in his teeth?!?”
And this person who took to a whole other level of hysterical, “Um is something in Nick Jonas’ teeth?And this person who had my EXACT reaction, “Nick Jonas with something in his teeth is my favorite part of the whole show”But Nick actually playfully clapped back and said quote, “And at least you all know I eat my greens.” So yeah, he totally had a Katy Perry quinoa moment circa 2017! Katy famously took the iHeart Radio Awards red carpet with Quinoa straight up in her teeth! Katy instagrammed the moment writing, “Currently taking applications for real friends who aren’t afraid to tell me there’s quinoa in my teeth.”Moving on… Nick’s brother Joe Jonas had some audio issues during the same performance! The bros opened up their performance with an acoustic version and something was off with Joe’s audio which impact his performance.It’s live TV, so I guess issues are always a possibility.And we have to talk about Camilla Cabello who had one of the most heartwarming and tear inducing performances of the night, but sadly her introduction was flubbed by comedian Jim Gaffigan! It’s okay Jim, we still love you! While presenting her to the audience Jim messed up on the pronunciation of her name.
And Twitter let him have it! Next time, Jim… Next time! Speaking of Camila Cabello… her performance literally had us all crying here at Clevver.Her performance of “First Man” was absolutely beautiful and brought her date, AKA HER DAD, to tears! But while Camila was going down the stairs to her dad, she had a TINY little hiccup in her heels, but she didn’t totally eat it. She was able to catch herself.It happened so fast you may not have caught it… so I’ll show it to you one more time… Honestly, props to her. Great recovery Camila!Alright, well those were the only flubs I caught during this year’s Grammys, but let me know if you caught any others down in comments section below! While you’re at it, go ahead and click the subscribe button and hit the bell for notifications! Then click right over here for more Clevver News! Thanks for watching, I’m your host Dani Golub and I’ll see you next time!

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