Allen Iverson on Travis Scott’s Halloween Tribute & the 76ers’ Chances in the East

ComplexCon 2019 is in full swing in Long Beach, California where Allen Iverson sat down with Pierce Simpson to discuss the 76ers chances of winning the Eastern Conference, his long-standing relationship with Rebook and how he felt about Travis Scott transforming to him for Halloweeen.

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34 thoughts on “Allen Iverson on Travis Scott’s Halloween Tribute & the 76ers’ Chances in the East

  1. As a die hard sixers fan, i love embiid, always will love Iggy, Moses Malone, but at the end of the day no Sixer, its just me NO SIXER surpasses A.I. in my eyes, been a die hard Allen Iverson fan from day one and always will be.

  2. Ayo can we get that Answer 2 re release??? Especially the black and white colorways. How you don't re release the sneaker you first made the playoffs and broke playoff steals record with? That's the year the Sixers made me love basketball

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