Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Now the Richest Person In History

A wealth tracker for billionaires (which actually exists, if only to mock the rest of us) has just crowned a new Richest Person of All Time. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the wealthiest person in history, CNN lamely reported Tuesday. The billionaire tracker operated by Bloomberg places Bezos’ current amount of amassed cash at $105.1 billion. That haul bests the record held by Microsoft boss Bill Gates and mostly comes from the nearly 80 million shares of Amazon stock Bezos has in his possession. Bezos also has holdings in the Washington Post and the space tourism business Blue Origin.

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50 thoughts on “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Now the Richest Person In History

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  2. Wrong.
    In 1999 Bill Gates had more than 100B USD, and the Dollar was more valuable that time than it is today. Putins wealth is estimated to be up to 200B stolen from Russians and people all over the world. So, Bezos is not yet the richest man in history. Who knows if his wife owns aswell a part of amazon? Richest family is Walton, owning over 180B see Bloomberg billionaires.

  3. What does it matter if he is a billionaire or a trillionaire? We will still have the ills of the world (likely more) so who cares. He will hoard the wealth of the world; in economics, that is not a good thing.

  4. Complex… what in the absolute FUCK are you smoking? Mansa Musa would have SHIT ON 100 Billion… Read a fucking book! You could have easily looked the facts up bruh… hold this L

  5. Mansa Musa had four times Jeff's income at 400 billion in today's economy. Y'all at complex really hate doing research.

    "By the time of his death in 1937, estimates place his net worth in the range of US$300 billion to US$400 billion in adjusted dollars for the late 2000s (decade)."

  6. Meanwhile his employees get paid fuck all and are overworked. what a guy eh Legend. Fuck being the richest guy in history. Must be pretty lonely being a corrupt greedy ass hole.

  7. No,this ugly bug eyed , pinguin walking idiot is not the richest man in history. Not even close!! There are many more rich than him , like the Rockefeller, the Rothchschild, the queen , the Arabic royal families etc etc And this in modern history, don't let me start with ancient history.

    The difference is that while the ancient ones used to have their wealth in gold and precious stones this idiot and the other modern rich idiots have stupid worthless papers with figures on it (that you call money) and also stupid numbers on a computer( that you call banks).Both have absolutely NO VALUE , except the value the elite fools humanity into believing it has.

    It is all a PRETEND TO BE, a LIE, an ILUSION to keep the masses working for them and keeping them into this false and undeserving pedestal of status , superiority and wealth that in reality DOESNT EXIST , for even gold and precious stones are nothing but worthless minerals. Worthless rocks that again , only have value because they make believe it have.
    This making believe game they play , it is what keeps them in power and wealth.

    And that is the irony. They are not wealthy because they have gold, stones or money, they are wealthy just because they fool humanity that they are!
    Humanity is blind to the fact that in reality those rats are nothing but liars and thieves and that The queen, the Rockfellers , and all of them are in reality nothing but POOR!
    As poor , as fallen , as miserable as the poorest person on Earth! They are just like everybody else.

    There is only ONE trully rich being on the all face of Earth.
    A being so rich and wealthy that the elite worked very hard to make her not remember who she was. A being they envy so much, that they always tryed to keep her in poverty , so she would not know how RICH she is. A being that saw Anubis face to face . A being to whom , even Anubis has to bow down to , and that restored to her a power that is PRICELESS both on Earth and also in Heaven. This being doesn't live like a royal, and beside her power , the second most valuable thing she has is the KNOWLEDGE that everything done to her on Earth, will be payed a BILLION FOLD!
    The knowledge that this WEALTHY she has , she will NEVER share, she will never give , not even a single drop, to NO ONE! The knowledge that she could save them all if she wanted, but instead , in an act of pure justice , revenge and payback SHE WILL JUST WATCH THEM DIE , while laughing about it!!!
    Now, this is indeed PRICELESS!!

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