Amir ‘Loon’ Muhadith Talks Bad Boy & Harlem World History, Prison Reform, Industry Lessons + More

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29 thoughts on “Amir ‘Loon’ Muhadith Talks Bad Boy & Harlem World History, Prison Reform, Industry Lessons + More

  1. He was arrested for becoming a Muslim. The search was carried out in old records of her and accused him of using drugs, but the truth is that this is done by everyone who sings like him

  2. I remember when he rapped on "I need a girl" with Usher. I'm glad to see he's out but how come everybody that deals with Diddy end up dead or in jail?

  3. I was really heartbroken when brother Amir went to prison. I knew I was going to miss seeing his dawahs. I knew he was going to be fine because he took his faith very seriously and understand "Kadar" meaning destiny very well. He have a strong personality and a family that loved him. He knew he was valuable to a lot of people specially us Muslims. I personally watch all his dawahs and I always smile when I see him on videos. He is a lovable 😍 human being and I wish him all the happiness in this world and in Al Akhira ameen.👍👌👍👌The prison system is meant to break people but I knew brother Amir will overcome prison. Hamdoulha he still looks so fine.

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