An Insider’s History of The Iconic Roc-A-Fella Chain

Complex News speaks with former Roc-a-Fella employee aka Everyday Struggle’s Wayno, about how one gets bestowed a Roc chain. Here’s a look at some of the most prominent people to be given a chain and some history on why it means so much to receive one.

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36 thoughts on “An Insider’s History of The Iconic Roc-A-Fella Chain

  1. From 98 to 03…they owned the Rap game on the East Coast…I wanted that medallian with the yellow gold cuban link and those custom Air Force 1's…I still want them damn shoes , though!

  2. That history starts with Death Row Records chain. They are the ones who started that trend. Gay-Z be handing out these chains as if he's the Queen of England handing out knighthoods. The nigga is reaching. Hard.

  3. The Roc Chain Is Like The Olde English 40oz Bottle in Early 90's The Menace To Society, Boyz In The Hood, and Dont Be A Menace To Society While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood Era, Which Has Been Passed Around. Just Like How The Olde English 40oz in The Brown Glass Bottle Used To Be A Classic,It Has Been Changed To A Plastic Bottle And They Added Two More Ounces To Compensate For The P.R. Failure That It Has Created. Just Like The Glass Bottle Olde English 40oz Was A Classic The Mid 1990's Roc Chain Was Held In That Same Standard. By Both Products Being Oversaturated,Both The Olde English 40oz oops. .I Meant The Olde English 42oz Plastic Bottle and The Jay Z : "This Is My Last Roc Chain I Think I For Sure This Time." Roc-A-Fella Chain Fell Off. Sad.

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