46 thoughts on “Andre Harrell Interview With The Breakfast Club (9-28-16)

  1. I love this interview. This guy always inspires me.

    Rest in Power to a true legend. I always wanted to meet this gentleman cant believe he died at such an early age. Just goes to show you how precious this life is. Andre lived his to the fullest. Thank you for your contributions

  2. Met this guy in person and my attitude was on super high just because I am shocked to be in front of a gate keeper who had so much power in the music industry that I care and love so much. He had the right answers for me for all my questions. And I must say, he made me understand the whole gist of getting into the music industry without a handout. My thought process from that point on moving forward was never the same. A just when I am ready to hang the flag and call it quits, there he is on one of my favorite internet shows "The Breakfast Club" giving me more inspiration to keep on. "If you really want this, you'll see me again" was his last words to me. Indeed.

  3. I feel like nobody's tellin' people the cut-and-dried version of what it takes to make it in the music industry. Right now it's about luck and money. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who will probably never see the light of day. If you're a black male, you'll have to do the Chris Brown thing. Just ask the 20+ brothas out there behind him trying to find their way. If you're a black female, you'll have to do the BeyoncΓ© and Rihanna thing. If you have no money to pay for yo' dream and the dj's then you're up the creek w/o a paddle. Hell, "artists" like Maino, Tony Sunshine and Christina Milian have been trying for 10+ years now and it's just not working out. Record labels pay to have radio on lock-down with already established artists- Drake, BeyoncΓ©, etcetera. They records spin on repeat for months on end not letting anybody else have a chance. Even Tyrese said in an interview that you don't even know if the call out is real. I just saw a Syleena Johnson interview and she said that it's getting so bad to where radio won't even give the damn song a chance. She didn't said "the damn song," but I did. And then there's the independent route thing. Going independent ultimately means that yo' music will never hit mainstream and it'll go uncharted, underperformed and overlooked. No artist wants they material to just go overlooked. If they tell you that then they're a damn lie. That's the real about the music industry. I've had the pleasure of talking to two major singers over the phone (can't reveal they names because I promised that I wouldn't) and a famous producer (unrevealed) who pretty much let me ask any question I had and gave me the real. My intuition is good and most of my "theories" ended up being right. So Mr. Andre Harrell, with all due respect, please cut to the chase and tell these people the real. I hate wasting time. Anyway….. Uh uh, Jagged Edge over Dru Hill? HA! That's a good one. Sisqo alone would…..nevermind. Everyone's entitled to they own opinion. Good interview, TBC.

  4. Can't believe no one brought up Bey as one of the great performers out now πŸ˜• I know they said "new" artists BUT she's renowned for her stage shows and making every dime spent on a ticket worth it….

  5. Why is Yee asking some simple questions….J.Jackson or Jennifer Lopez? If we are going off of sales, and music, then some of these questions are unintelligent…

  6. you want to hear grassroot good music with lyrics and tired of this bullshit that's played on radio go check out Luckyseven30 on soundcloud… thank me later! BAR WARS!!!

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