Angie Martinez Talks Hall Of Fame Nom, Puerto Rico + Drake & Pusha Beef

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29 thoughts on “Angie Martinez Talks Hall Of Fame Nom, Puerto Rico + Drake & Pusha Beef

  1. This is a perfect example of why to stay single men. Angie was bad as hell in the 90s, pop out a few kids and now she look like she ate the person who use to be Angie. You can see the same starting to happen to Yee. This is where those child support and alimony payments will kick in. Ask michael Jordan

  2. Angie martinez thank you for helping my people puerto rico my grandfather was one of the ppl who srill didnt have electricity and thank god for angie and those kids who installed solar panels because now my grandpa has electricity he lives in a small City and his house is all the way on top of a mountain and sits by itself he has no Neighbors 4 miles he's all alone there with my uncle do you know it takes him about 45 minutes just to get into the city to go grocery shopping and stuff like that but like I said once again thank God and thank Angie Martinez and those students who put the solar panels in for my grandfather is well appreciated man as of right now I feel like crying knowing that she was one of the people that did that thank you so much God bless

  3. Anyone who grew up in the 90s and early 2000 knows that Angie Martinez is a legend. Not only was she the only female DJ who was respected, Hot 97 was literally the place for hip hop. If they don't conduct her into both of those Hall of fame's, then that is a shame. This woman has put a lot into Hip Hop, and she deserve way more than that.

  4. Just now seeing this interview. Looked to see who will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame this year. All white and only 3 women. This is exactly what Angie was talking about, little to no representation. Sad

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