Apple Confirms iPhones Don’t Listen in on Your Conversations

It sometimes feels like every technological advancement is scarier than the last. Some, like those robots that can do backflips, are objectively terrifying. Others, like Amazon’s Alexa, present more nuanced threats: they’re kind of awesome, but if they can be voice-activated with just a few words, how do they know when to stop and start listening? Most virtual assistant apps, including Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, work in the same way, raising potential privacy issues.

On Tuesday, Apple responded to a letter from House Energy and Commerce Committee sent to the company last month that explicitly asked Apple to respond to reports that Siri listens to conversations through the phone microphone. In a letter obtained by CNET and expounded on by Engadget, Apple said they “believe privacy is a fundamental human right and purposely design products and services to minimize our collection of customer data.”

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48 thoughts on “Apple Confirms iPhones Don’t Listen in on Your Conversations

  1. 0:32 the video says they DO listen to conversations but just don’t identify it to an apple id or location, and yet the title says they don’t listen…did I misunderstand something?

  2. They’re 100% listening and most likely recording. Sometimes I’ll go to search something on google and what I’m looking to search pops up before I even finish typing the first word. That has happened multiple times how can that be a coincidence…

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