Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bullsh*t? | Conspiracy Corner

The Black Panther himself, Khal and Summerman Frazier have their set taken over by Angel ‘Third Eye Diaz’ and crypto podcast host Elgin Swift. Will the guys be convinced to buy Vibranium with their new cryptro currency, Concoin ?

Special thanks to Elgin Swift
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Twitter: @cryptologypod
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35 thoughts on “Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bullsh*t? | Conspiracy Corner

  1. Why is this video not blowing up? it should have more views, but if it was Everyday Struggle with AK & Joe this shit would get over 2 Million Views in 1 day. Cryptocurrency is the future and banks are already investing, Bitcoin is the only true not governed currency everything else someone else created by an entity .

  2. Know history, or history will repeat itself. This is normal. If you want stability, wait until Bitcoin is $300,000 each. When people pay for their stuff with their favorite platform, with their phone, and appropriate app.
    Fud is for the millionaires in 2020, after their fiat bubble investments, go to the graveyard of fiat graveyard, and the new reserve currency is onboard.

  3. I don’t see the Banks allowing something like this to replace them. You can’t use credit to buy Bitcoin = Drop. Twitter Bans Cryptocoin ads = Drop China partially bans it = Drop. They are trying to crush this and it will only get worse. The Fed announced they are looking to start a Crypto Coin for the US Gov. Just let that sink in and think about it for a moment. At any time they can announce the Dollar can only be traded into the β€œFed” issued Bit Coin. What would happen once that occurs?

  4. 1.Vague information is very dangerous to the ignorant. Do your research people, you can lose your shirt. 2. These dudes are trying to dumb it down to get simpletons to make it relatable. It's far more "complex" than what they let on. 3.The SEC will be giving Complex a call soon because these dudes didn't preface at any point stating they are not financial advisers and what was said is not financial advice. Conclusion: The overall theme is correct but the facts are effed up.

  5. Crypto without a doubt CAN be traced. ESPECIALLY Bitcoin. How? As soon as you tie your identity to a transaction to buy your coin (Coinbase, Kraken etc.) your ID is forever tied to that transaction and can be traced throughout the blockchain indefinitely, forever. The perfect tracking tool for all transactions. Genius. Try Monero or Zcash for privacy but soon enough new laws will phase out any Anonymity coins from exchanges, believe that. AML & KYC laws (Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer) require you to surrender who you are in order to partake in the luxury of "Bitcoin". US is going after this, hard. Of course there are ways around this such as using Bitcoin strictly for what it was originally intended for "Peer To Peer" transactions or like I said before coins like Monero or Zcash but, there have been cases where sellers have gotten locked up or robbed for selling locally through localbitcoins. Massive correction or "crash" right now going on in the market all due mostly to big boy money manipulation and of course, heavy regulations on the way. These new regulations will be a somewhat "friendly" "non harmful" hand to Cryptocurrency but you better believe they will do everything they can to make sure anyone who touches crypto (buying, selling, exchanges etc.) will have to undergo a stringent Identification process and at that point ladies and gentleman if you think this whole Facebook incident was bad, well, haha. As much as I love Bitcoin and Crypto, CASH will always be the reigning king AND champion of true Anonymity. How bout dah'!

  6. bought some weed online like 3-4 years ago and had some a bit left in my account but forgot it about and i see the news it goes 20k so i check and a nigga was 35k up hahahhaha nigga was broke wit like 250 dollars in my account hahah shoutout to cypto wish i put more tho would be millionaire by now

  7. What happens if companies say we don't take this and a bunch of companies boycott bitcoin. Also what if google makes a coin and they pay companies just to use there coins?

  8. Bitcoin is not CURRENCY = simply because it is based in US DOLLARS! #DaFacts It's volatility is based on the fact that CURRENCY/Treasury-note market is extremely volatile when the US dollar is so weak in a highly speculative market, where CHINA & RUSSIA own a majority position in the Treasury markets = they own the US DEBT! = they could DUMP their position in overnight trading & DESTROY the US economy in hours!! #reality Bitcoin is a scam to recover CURRENCY notes back to the banks! = everyone will take a MAJOR loss on their investment at this point!

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