Are Reboots Worth It?

A new Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll discovers the reasons behind people watching rebooted or remade movies. Among the classics most wanted to be rebooted is ‘Back to the Future.” Are any classic movies untouchable?

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21 thoughts on “Are Reboots Worth It?

  1. I LOVE Lion King, nostalgia and all. But also stoked on a reboot.. don’t really see how the live action remake could be compared to the original? Totally different viewing experiences imo that are easily separated…

  2. Anyone who doesn’t want back to the future to be remade needs to go back and rewatch those movies.. Christopher Lloyd is so fucking annoying it’s painful to get through even one of those movies. A remake would make them watchable.

  3. I would only green light it if they reboot the “world” that the specific movie is in. Like how they’re going to reboot the Matrix but only the world of it and they’ll be telling brand new stories inside the same world the original three Matrix movies were in. Furthering the Matrix universe. Which is dope. If all they’re doing is retelling the same story again why even bother? The risk is too high if the movie is a classic and it’d be redundant. Tell a new story. Something we haven’t seen before.

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