Ariana Grande and Mac Miller End Relationship

Shouts to everyone who, like me, recently entered a new relationship and are now tasked with ignoring reality checks—like this one, for example—that are begging to be cashed.

Wednesday night, news broke via the notoriously nosy providers of such intel that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller had decided to break up. The two have “called it quits on dating” but “remain the closest of friends,” TMZ reported, though it’s really none of our business. Work schedules, the report added, simply became too hectic for the relationship to continue. Still, Grande and Miller will continue to “love each other dearly” as close friends, though that’s also really none of our business.

Shortly afterwards, Grande herself confirmed the news on her Instagram Stories, calling him her best friend and adding that she “respect[s] and adore[s] him endlessly.”

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28 thoughts on “Ariana Grande and Mac Miller End Relationship

  1. i still cant believe the fact that ariana have dated big sean in 2015. im not hating on big sean or anything but i hate the way that big sean treated ariana at the time, i wish ariana never dated someone like big sean ever again.

  2. Nooonot this weasel. Complex news you need fire this guy. I know your giving him less responsibility now.. Just get rid of this weasel frazier.

  3. Mac really needs to drop some music and in this upcoming album better be fire to put him back where he used to be. I’m a fan of Mac miller and I still bump his old stuff but damm man he been sleeping too much now

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