Ariana Grande Reveals Mac Miller Relationship Grew ‘Toxic’ and ‘Scary’

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande confirmed that she and longtime boyfriend Mac Miller had parted ways. The breakup, while heartbreaking for fans of the celebrity couple, seemed amicable. Grande shared the news in her Instagram story calling Miller her best friend and adding that she “respect[s] and adore[s] him endlessly.”

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45 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Reveals Mac Miller Relationship Grew ‘Toxic’ and ‘Scary’

  1. People are so annoying. What does it matter how many boyfriends she had? We’re talking about Mac. Mac was a drug addict, I get why she would say it was toxic 😂 stop blaming women

  2. Can we finally take down Ariana Grande once and for all there are way more talented people. ladies when you sing her songs most of you are better at singing her songs. very cringe-worthy that I have to remind you that anybody els could sing her damn songs !!

  3. She never said it was scary, please stop trying to make the guy look like such a bad person.. we know he wasn’t the best for her that’s why they broke up, but he has been struggling with substance problems for a long time now, and maybe he is trying.. not a lot of people know how hard it is to just get clean

  4. Ariana and other divas like her are always the problem. Mac is an addict that much is true but beyonce, Jhene, ariana,Mariah,j.lo have all been either in and out of relationships or have had a lot of drama within one relationship.

  5. I don't know the details obviously, but it seems odd that she's with Pete almost immediately after the break-up with Mac.

    Maybe Mac (and also Big Sean) are the type of dudes she says they are, but I doubt she's 100% innocent either.

  6. Wow. I don’t really vibe with Ariana Grandes music too much but what she said in her tweet made me legitimately take a fuckin pause and reflect on what she said cause it’s 100% true. Women and men in relationships shouldn’t be viewed as a means of recovery for their partners to take advantage of during whatever it is that they’re going through. Get your shit together and stop blaming the other. No one owes anyone shit in that type of situation.

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