Arizona Republican Mocks #MeToo While Apologizing For Calling His D*ck a ‘Gun’

It turns out that people don’t like when you refer to your penis as a gun—especially if your name is Don Shooter.

In the last four months, at least nine women have come forward to accuse Shooter, an Arizona state representative, of sexually harassing them. Now, Shooter is apologizing for his lame jokes and “creepy and lecherous” hugs.

Unfortunately, his apology wasn’t much better than his alleged actions. “If I’m going to be a comedian, I have to understand and be sensitive to my audience, not blame them when my jokes fall flat,” said Shooter (yes, we can’t believe that is actually his name either.)

For the rest of the six-minute apology, Shooter also reportedly mocked the #MeToo movement and blamed some of his accusers for having a “personal or political vendetta.” To the others that he didn’t accuse of lying, he seemed to be sincere in his apology.

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21 thoughts on “Arizona Republican Mocks #MeToo While Apologizing For Calling His D*ck a ‘Gun’

  1. Fuck the term victim blaming if we are to run a fair and equal Society. We must remain sceptical and act on hard evidence only.

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