Armed Gang Member Gets Tased After Running Away From Tulsa Cop

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Tulsa Police released new body cam video of a chase and arrest of a suspect from Sept. 13. Police said Micah Fitzpatrick took off running when he saw officers last month near 11th and Garnett. One officer tased him after they said he ignored their commands. They also found a gun in his pocket. Officer: “Get on the ground! Give me your hands, hands!” “They believe they may be dealing with an individual who has a gun, and sure enough when they do catch up to him he was carrying a very large pistol,” said Sergeant Shane Tuell, Tulsa Police Department. Tulsa Gang Unit Officers were in an area near Interstate 44 and Garnett when they tried to make contact with Micah Fitzpatrick. They say they wanted to have a conversation with him because he was wearing gang colors. “When he sees the officers he immediately turns and starts running,” Tuell said. Officers say he kept his hand on his right pocket the entire time. Officer: “You got a gun? What are you running for?” When they caught up to him, they pulled a large pistol out of his pocket. “That’s why you always hear officers say ‘show me your hands, show me your hands,'” said Sergeant Shane Tuell, TPD. “Because its not the person that’s going to hurt the officer. It’s what’s in those hands that could hurt the officer.”

Tuell says it’s common for officers to talk with people while they are patrolling because this could help them get information on a current investigation. “We don’t need to have a criminal offense occur to just go up and talk to a citizen, but if they turn around and run then we are allowed to pursue them.” He says they try to have a higher police presence in areas where there is known gang activity. “If we can have that contact and let them know a – we’re here and b – there’s a better way to carry yourself and do things, we might be able to sway them from entering into a life of crime or gang activity.” Sgt. Tuell says it’s good to let officers know that you have a weapon on you if you have your concealed carry and they approach you just so the officers are aware. Fitzpatrick was booked into the Tulsa County Jail for gang-related offenses, aggravated assault and battery, resisting arrest, carrying drugs and alcohol into jail and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

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