Armed Student Dies After Shooting 2 Others at Maryland High School

A Maryland high school was placed on lockdown on Tuesday morning following a shooting, according to local reports.

ABC 2 in Baltimore is reporting a shooting took place at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. The school posted a short statement about the shooting on its website shortly before 9 a.m.

“There has been a Shooting at Great Mills High School,” the statement said. “The school is on lock down the event is contained, the Sheriff’s office is on the scene additional information to follow.”

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41 thoughts on “Armed Student Dies After Shooting 2 Others at Maryland High School

  1. Criminals Break Laws and the Mentally Ill Don't Know what they are doing. So you want to pass laws that wont be followed except by the good innocent people, the law abiding people. You want legislation that will do nothing to help only take away the God given right in the Constitution. God given right, if you don't believe tough luck. The Constitution refers to these rights as God given, not by man. So you are not my God and you or no man has the right to take my guns away.

  2. Yes now, more than ever these kids are really needing an education ,so let's increase security in our schools and make sure these kids can learn how to speak English.
    Addressing Mental Health issues is going to be our next biggest challenge.

  3. Bruh, some of these kids walk out of class because they actually stand behind future student/faculty safety as well as a controlled gun reform. But some of these other kids who walk out of class, just because it was time out of the class, are the same kids bullying other students into shooting up schools.

  4. Thank God that the school's resource officer acted fast. He definitely saved lives. He didn't act like a fucking coward like the resource officer that didn't do shit at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School.

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