Artist Files Lawsuit Over Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s ‘All the Stars’ Video

The artist who previously claimed her artwork was copied without permission in the music video for Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s Black Panther single “All the Stars” is suing. Lina Iris Viktor, who says she was contacted twice by reps for Black Panther, declined offers after being unsatisfied with the conditions of the deal.

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44 thoughts on “Artist Files Lawsuit Over Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s ‘All the Stars’ Video

  1. This is bullsh!t!!! copyright and trademark laws need to be revisited. I made a similar drawing back when I was in the 5th grade in art class. It was 3 women traced in golds, reds, and silver sitting next to each other with hieroglyphics from top to bottom in the background on the whole page (black construction paper)! I say that to say this…. In the black community there are common beliefs just because this person had the money or wits to TM it should not prevent others from using something that is so common with the people.

  2. Tbh this is like what j cole said on the forest hills drive outro “if you choose put it out in the world I should be able to use it however the fuck I want, ima pay you and give you a percentage” if this is Kendrick we talking about and Disney there was plenty of money offered but greed over ruled it all.

  3. I think this artist is in the right here because there is a real resemblance between the two of these and the fact that they still used something similar is wrong.

  4. Win: now we know your name and that establishments want your work…
    Loss: Sueing x TDE doesn't even sound right…
    Oh Kendrick… SZA…TDE….?… Black Panther is interested IN MY SHIT??? Lemme get this lawyer shit poppin… tell them 'No…' after clearly having showed them…. and wait for the CHECK. It's a machine. Somebodyat the bottom cleared it… I'll agree your smart… but this being the 1st we ever hear of you and your art is a TERRIBLE LOOK … ESPECIALLY IF YOUR BLACK. your the bitch who tried to win off Black Panther? You may as well have been the person who lined MLK.

  5. I support Viktor in this. Them asking is already proof enough that they were aware of, and deeply interested in her style. And since she said "no", we shouldn't have seen any elements of her style in the video, but they blatantly ripped it off.

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