ASAP Ferg Producer Says He Was Initially Paid $500 for ‘Shabba’

Marvel Alexander, one of the producers for ASAP Ferg’s “Shabba” track, took to Twitter to vent about how he was only compensated $500 for making the beat.

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41 thoughts on “ASAP Ferg Producer Says He Was Initially Paid $500 for ‘Shabba’

  1. I mean if you sold the exclusives for $500 and didn’t state anything in the contract about a higher percentage for royalties you can’t be mad. That’s the business🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. i was thinking about this issue the other day.. came to a conclusion that no matter how good the beat, it would never be a hit without the artist. then again the hit wouldnt exist without the beat. its a two way street. it should be 50/50 and artists get the fame generated opportunities and touring revenue on top of that. its not that complicated.

  3. Pay work ppl he should been good royalties cuz if think he was going get big ass cut before he wilding ferg was new artist and he was unestablished producer so my nigga u should been looking at your royalties.

  4. no producers is jus stupid, spend so much time perfecting there craft, they don't even try to learn the business side of shit, they want the quick buck, especially if your homeless in his case in the video…. feel bad but his own fault really

  5. Sounds like he sold it for $1000, then the song blew up and he wanted more. Ferg aint entitled to give him anything, but if I got 1.5 Mil and I KNOW that that song blew me up, i could at least throw him $5000-$10,000. A$AP prolly made $50 Million+ off that song alone.

  6. I been watching mad Ferg interviews and videos lately and looking more into his style and fashion and complex go and drop 2 vids on Ferg in 3 days. That shit weird

  7. Producers run the game smh yall dont pay them the respect they deserve cause they not flashing 1mil worth of jewelry in your face everywhere, everyday….

  8. you do have to pay your dues, & 500 is a lot more than most producers get paid. I gotta cpl producers, still haven't paid over like 100 for a whole transaction (usually get bundles of beats). So, if you know the beat is worth more, better hold out cause once you sell dat big no one is gonna cry for ya.

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