Aston Martin DB9 GT: Saying Goodbye To A Legend – XCAR

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The DB9 marked to beginning of a new era for Aston Martin and now with the DB9 GT we say goodbye to a legend

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27 thoughts on “Aston Martin DB9 GT: Saying Goodbye To A Legend – XCAR

  1. 2021 summer i still find this car absolutely catastrophically beautiful… there's simply not enough word for me to describe how beautiful it is… or that I don't have enough vocabularies to use…

  2. It’s 2020 now and this car has somehow managed to get more beautiful somehow, and through the magic of depreciation, they are starting to become affordable now.

  3. After two years of marketing I finally sold my Maserati Karif and to my astonishment I was able to purchase a DB9 with the proceeds. Alright, I had owned the Karif for 27 years and really looked after it, but a DB9 for Biturbo money surely not! Never give up on a dream…….

  4. Other exotic cars shout and scream for you attention. The DB9, on the other hand, is a very attractive young lady, who doesn't notice you. However, you, very much, notice her.

  5. DB9 & Vanquish, my fav Astons ever. Alternatively I appreciate the DBS as well, the old type though. I like the latest versions of these like the DBS Superleggera and DB11 but they don’t really represent AM’s design philosophy of the past that I so adore. It’s all about tastes obviously, but I fear they won’t be designing cars like this anymore. New models like the Valkyrie and Vulcan are actually amazing, but they’re in a different car category.

  6. The DB9 is indeed a timeless design, and reinvigorated my desire to own an Aston Martin again. After a 2-year search, I found a 2007 DB9 in Snow Shadow Gray, with Piano black interior, 32K on the odometer. After putting 50 miles on the odometer, I was looking for the auto-pilot. This car just pampers the hell out of you, and is effortless to drive. The prices of these has just about bottomed out, and if your looking for a bargain luxury icon, look no further than a DB9. Do your homework, shop smart, and be prepared for what the maintenance costs will be, and this car will reward you greatly in the end. It is a true driver's car in the finest sense. I love my Corvettes but, Aston Martin is a whole different kind of love.

  7. Just before my wife died she told me to use her life insurance to buy a Aston.I paid the mortgage instead.Many years later I bought a DB9.R.I.P Anne, I did it. ❤️

  8. public roads bother me because it ruins the car. Like i feel they should be driving on roads made of rubber not concrete or asphalt and everything needs temperature control. like highways should be tunnels . we shouldn't be at the mercy of the environment.

  9. Days of kind tarmac and AMs gone by well pass the cheer on BEO and long for ECUs and toggle tactile feed back dear Warwickshire [mournful pipes a playin] aft do like the aft of the DB11 a cut of jibe a smart looking nexus of finest Scottish Brogueish leather product to be sure. but that gouache fixed MB screen plz its not aesthetically pleasing us at all. at least shes not a dreadful named item like virage just call her harmonies grainier wrongly that one.. DB no douty one a class she is

  10. DB9>DB10>DB11

    All stunning cars don't get me wrong… and I love the extra luxury, power, handling and technology of the DB11…. but I buy an Aston primarily for it's beauty! And the DB9 may just be, the most beautiful car there has ever been!

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