Audi RS4 2019 review – see how fast it can really hit 60mph!

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This is the Audi RS4. It’s my new daily driver and I can’t hide it… I’m a big fan of this car! It’s fast, practical and looks great – but is it worth the £60,000 price tag? Join me for my latest Audi RS4 review where I’ll take you through everything you need to know!

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40 thoughts on “Audi RS4 2019 review – see how fast it can really hit 60mph!

  1. The older version of the RS4 Quattro is way better

    its faster, better looking, overall AMAZING unlike the new one.

    My mums friend had the old Audi rs4 but sold it and got the new one, everybody I know with the new RS4 said it’s bad, I agree.

  2. Hi all, juist for the info. I have a Audi RS4 2018 (42342 KM) in perfect state, black-opps, all options included. I payed 108000€ in 2018. Now you can have this car for 60000€ in Belgium and in Germany. I could not believe the devaluation of the Audi RS 4 2018 in just 15 month. Very painful actually. I don’t understand this. In 15 month nearly have of the original price….. what is wrong with Audi RS models? Overproduction? Or is it the electric revolution in the car industry? Should we buy Audi RS models? Or is Porsche better investment? Just wanted to know your opinion…. thank you all

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