39 thoughts on “Audi RS6 Front Bumper installed on A6

  1. I’m considering buying the RS6 front bumper how much different is it from the sline A6 3.0 bumper ?? I don’t really see a big difference other than the honey comb bumper grills do you have a side by side comparison ??

  2. Hi , so you absolutely bagged the grill so depressing so what would you do next time? I need one for the same car as I just bought an A6! I live in Houston drop an a web address or some one else besides what you got! Cheers!

  3. neighbor has a stage 3 APR S6 2016 with a full rs6 bodykit in purple/black looks so fucking cool bro this one does too. He even has the dual oval exhaust tips like the rs6 and unfortunately the rs6 badges too…..i kind of hate that lol. I hate fake badges especially amg and m and now audi too lol. But hey its his car and its not a slow turd either its fucking fast

  4. Dude you took it to another level
    Love it I have the same car but I'm spending money on
    APR hookup. Love the grill but they want 2.5K for it
    Good luck with it and enjoy it I know I do!!

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