Austin Bomber Dead After Confrontation With Police in Texas

The suspected serial bomber responsible for terrorizing Austin, Texas over the course of the last few weeks with a wave of bombings is reportedly dead after a confrontation with police in Round Rock, Texas. He reportedly detonated a bomb inside of his vehicle and killed himself as police closed in on him early Wednesday morning. He is being identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt.

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48 thoughts on “Austin Bomber Dead After Confrontation With Police in Texas

  1. Obviously the facts were incomplete at the time this news came out but a point of fact is that the bomber didn’t just “stopped” driving 0:50, he was rammed between two law enforcement vehicles while in motion. He was being followed discretely from his hotel parking lot by a fleet of vehicles and tracked overhead by a helicopter. It took 18 days to bring the serial bomber to ground. Pretty exceptional for a person who had no prior record. Great police work.
    BTW the presenter spoke a little too fast. It’s a problem when reading copy. Therefore he didn’t clearly enunciate his words nor modulate his voice to bring emphasis to the various elements of the story. He was just reading. Didn’t journalism school teach these kids any basics of presentation?

  2. Now they have to wait ,see what else shows up, meaning if anyone else was working with, or connected with him on Amy way, searching as Internet his phone records all that. God help all the poor people whose lives have been traumatized or lost because of this madman. God, I do believe in you and ask that you please protect these poor people, help them get through their pain and fear, in the traumatization that they've been through .Amen!

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  4. Okay, call me crazy, but the "supposed" bomber they're showing here is a young guy. The guy they're showing in the FEDEX store is older with long blond hair. Was he in disguise? Or are there others involved?

  5. It's like no one can read you know they shot a Suspect right? And the dude in the FedEx camera and the person they've killed don't look alike at all and in the FedEx video he purposely hid his face from the only two Cameras inside the store like he knew they were there without having to look and he looked older in the recording and alot heavier than the person the police killed

  6. WE NEED BOMB PATROL We need people to monitor our internet activity for people searching any terrorist events.
    They also should regulate the products to buy bombs needing a licence and log of when and who bought the product and for what reason.

  7. What’s really crazy is that people are calling him a terrorist. A terrorist has to have political aims. There is no evidence that he had any political aims so I don’t know why people calling him a terrorist. People need to get their definitions right.

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