Avicii’s Death Reportedly Caused by Injuries From Broken Wine Bottle Pieces

Legendary EDM producer and DJ Avicii’s cause of death has been reportedly revealed by TMZ.

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39 thoughts on “Avicii’s Death Reportedly Caused by Injuries From Broken Wine Bottle Pieces

  1. How can a human like him kill his self so lonely and dark and with a bottle that he was addicted to (alcohol) his mind got the best of him and music couldn’t save him 😔

  2. Not into dance music, never really appreciated his talent for what it was when he was alive, but something about this death is just so incredibly tragic, and close to home… I hope he's found peace, poor man was really suffering!

  3. How symbolic is that???? Wow… The irony is so real. He struggled with that bottle and mental illness. What was in "The bottle" took so much from him and us. And the bottle itself took the rest. Rest in peace brother. Ur music lives forever…… #letstalk. It's never to bad to not go on. Mental illness is a very real issue. Talk to someone before making these decisions. There's so much to life. It may seem impossible and like noone understands or cares but ur not alone. This is never the answer. Don't male a decision u cannot come back from. Everyone take care.

  4. he must’ve been in a lot of pain to go out that way, god bless you tim. i hope you’re looking down on us from a sky full of stars. mental health needs more light to be shined on it

  5. Happiness is knowing your Lord .

    All humans are connected to the creator – but thru our pride, we believe we can find our happiness elsewhere – thru women, money, holidays etc . If you're not connected to your creator, you'll 'never' attain happiness – it'll all be simply; an act .

    Return back to your creator whilst youre alive, because its a guarantee you will when you're dead .

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