Azealia Banks Puts ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Crew on Blast For Making Her Cry

Azealia Banks is calling out the cast and crew of Wild ‘N Out for her recent terrible experience on set.

In an Instagram post, Banks explains that she was invited to perform one song, instead of joining a comedic rap battle. But the show’s crew still apparently went out of their way to take some problematic jabs at the rapper and harass her.

“I did Wildin’ out today. There were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes and of course …. cry baby cried,” Banks wrote under a photo of her on stage, alongside Nick Cannon and several other cast members.

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24 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Puts ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Crew on Blast For Making Her Cry

  1. She's the biggest hypocrite, who is she acting like she's never said anything racist to anyone. She's a lier, racist, and is homophobic. She got served everything she's been dishing out since her Twitter meltdown.

  2. She a pussy I'm jus gone be one of the honest people about this and he should've came on the show if she was gone cry…that's her fault point blank no doubt about it….don't care what anybody gotta say

  3. But DC calls everybody ugly ass little girl or boy 🤣 it’s his favorite line . He even says that to his daughter tho he doesn’t mean it .She needs to calm down , only people who think they are really flawed take everything out of proportion.She keep talking about him after he made the comment and she made it personal while he was trying to walk away , she took it too far and he came back and talked about her teeth .!! She could’ve came back with something funny and left it alone , until she came home and had something funny to say ,but what really got to her and makes her mad about the situation the most is that she has low self esteem anyway so she blames it on him that she thinks she is ugly and it’s only her that hates her skin color no one said anything about her skin🤣!!! No one hates her but her . “I will continue to date my white men “ Sweetie please sounds like you hate you black people along with you being one . Racist to your own kind 🤦🏽‍♀️!!Only attack your black successful people bye .

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