Barack Obama On Our Imperfect Democracy, Marriage Pressures, Racism + What He Did For Black People

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37 thoughts on “Barack Obama On Our Imperfect Democracy, Marriage Pressures, Racism + What He Did For Black People

  1. Why are all of these pro blacks on here saying what Obama hasn’t done for black people but they have children asking them “what have you done for me ? “ My black brothers and sisters pro blacks are the right hand of white supremacy

  2. I don't remember him not doing anything for for black people but I do remember him doing for the LGBT, he gave them the right to marry. I remember him doing for the Jews giving them 38 million oh, I remember him giving the Indians three million, Detroit ask for 55 million but only got 5 million, black people….. again nothing

  3. Ofama is right on time to put the Black community ASLEEP again. Distracting you from all the new policies ushered in that will ONLY BENEFIT EVERY OTHER RACES, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BECAUSE OF OYR STRUGGLES AND THAT OF OUR ANCESTORS. Ofama is so damn brilliant but he’s being WILLINGLY STUPID on the subject of HELPING HIS OWN PEOPLE. Anyone still listening to tbc for higher knowledge or understanding irregardless of the guest IS STUPID! He is the epitome of SELF HATE. RESEARCH PPL. He basically told us to keep waiting for help, and talk nice to whitey in order for our message to be received. READ AND STOP BUYING HIS BULLSHYT‼️💯

  4. Serious questions: What exactly did Obama do policy wise to help the black community? Or how did the Democrat party make things better for the black community during those years?

    I'm not saying blindly follow Republicans either, personally I'm against blind party loyalty for either side period, but why do so many in the black community keep voting for a party that stabs them in the back repeatedly?

    He may be the first black president, but so what? He killed more civilians in the middle east then George W. Bush, he was okay with with using torture, he made the patriot act even worse allowing the government to spy on us and pushing us closer to 1984, he was putting kids in cages long before Trump, spyed on political opponents, used our schools to help create SJW culture that divided the country, created ISIS, almost caused WW3 with Russia over Syria and somehow he gets a Nobel Peace Prize just for being black? His vice president (now possibly president) was a pro segregationist who co-author the crime bill that helped lead to mass incarceration of black Americans. Kamala Harris withheld evidence that could prove some black men innocents and did everything in her power to profit off of unpaid prision labor.

    Biden, Obama and the Democrats clearly look down on black voters and think they will just mindlessly do what they say and actively go out of their way to make sure black America's problems will never go away, so black Americans will keep voting Democrat. Just look at how Hillary and Biden talk down on the Breakfast Club. Yet the same Breakfast Club will save the hard hitting questions for black conservatives like Angela Stanton King (who destroyed all 3 of them) but gives Obama and Biden soft questions even if they think if they don't vote Democrat "they anit black"

    At least Trump is a blunt jerk the media hates and criticizes, but Obama, Biden and Harris are all manipulative fake nice guys that the media loves and panders to, which is even worse.

  5. And he should be charged with destroying Libya and not doing any thing about the mass killings of black Americans, but I guess he only does specific things for gays, he even put the white house in there banner

  6. The Myth and reality of America? Ok that’s it I can’t listen to this P.O.S. anymore!
    Nice tap dancing around Jeremiah Wright….
    Answer these two part question:
    How did you make your millions prior to being the most corrupt president in history?
    How did President Trump make his millions before becoming one of America’s greatest Presidents ever!

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