Bella Thorne Teases ENGAGEMENT!

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Bella Thorne just teased a “big announcement” and fans think that may be walking down the aisle with her boo, Benjamin Mascolo, soon.What’s up? It’s Sinead here with Clevver News and could Bella Thorne possibly be engaged? Well, that’s the question on many fans minds after she shared a cryptic post seems to hint at an upcoming wedding.Let’s back up a second though, because in case you forgot, Bella has been dating Italian singer, Benjamin Mascolo, since last spring.Back in April of 2019, they were spotted packing on the PDA while out to lunch near the beach in San Diego. And this happened just days after Bella split from her ex-boyfriend Mod Sun.Bella and Mod Sun were in an open relationship for almost a year, and when they split Bella shared this post and wrote quote, “I will always love you. All good things must come to an end.”So while it was surprising to see Bella kissing Benjamin in San Diego, we’ve come a long way since then, these two have gotten a lot more serious.And although they are in a long distance relationship with him living in Italy, according to People Magazine, Bella’s friends say she couldn’t be happier with Benjamin.Even back when they first started dating she told And Benjamin has also been public about their love online.He recently shared this series of photos of the two with their arms wrapped around each other on Instagram earlier this month.But it actually wasn’t any of these lovey dovey posts that got us wondering if these two love birds were getting hitched.It was Bella’s latest post, which was this picture of Benjamin and she wrote quote, “big announcement coming soon. I’m so happy. Boats in Venice”And her caption had both engagement ring and heart emojis.I mean, that’s hardly cryptic! Could she be trying to tell us something?! I mean sure it could be an announcement about a new project she’s working on, but the ring emojis… come on!That sounds like it’s wedding related.And Bella’s fans certainly agree.They have taken to the comment section to try to guess what this “big announcement” is.And shortly after Bella’s post, Benjamin took to his IG stories to show his love for Bella.He shared this pic of Bella laying in bed and wrote quote, “This girl is my superhero, she works harder than anyone I’ve ever met and she is so amazing. I love you sweetie.”That’s not exactly an engagement post, but he clearly really loves her!So, I guess we will just have to wait and see if these two will be getting married soon! But either way, it does seem like things between Bella and Benjamin have been getting more and more serious.Last December, they attended The British Fashion Awards together, and they were seen holding hands on the red carpet and sharing kisses for the cameras.nd they did the same at the Venice Film Festival. So fans are wondering if Benjamin could really be the ONE.I mean we all know about Bella’s past relationships including the one with Tana Mongeau.Even back in June, when Bella was already technically seeing Benjamin, they had this text exchange turned Twitter exchange.And we know that Tana and Bella have been involved in a polyamorous relationship before while Bella was dating Mod.So while anything is possible, it does seem like Bella and Benjamin are pretty serious.And if Bella could be getting married soon, all of her past relationships could just be a thing of the past.But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.Has Bella moved on completely from her exes with Benjamin? Do you think this one is the real deal and that they could possibly be getting married? Or what else do you think her big announcement could be?Let me know down in the comments below.After that, why don’t you dive in to more Clevver News by hitting that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News.

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