Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive: Madlib on the Making of ‘Bandana’ With Freddie Gibbs

Madlib, who has been named Complex’s Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive in 2019, sits down with Complex to talk working with Freddie Gibbs, unreleased Kanye and Kendrick tracks, and more. See the full list of Best Hip-Hop Producers alive here:

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41 thoughts on “Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive: Madlib on the Making of ‘Bandana’ With Freddie Gibbs

  1. Love the spot on the iPad. People say work with what you got then go out and spend crazy money on gear and catch GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) Been having fun on the iPad with GarageBand and this was refreshing to hear. Save money for other things! Appreciate this!

  2. Madlib: super ill beats

    Freddie Gibbs: cocaine, drug slanging, cocaine, drug slanging

    Freddie Gibbs seems cool personally, but damn, Madlib get another dude to rap other topics would be straight

  3. 6:50
    No offence to frieddie but madlib should have told him to listen to more DOOM.
    "Rap snitches telling all there business. Sit in the court and be there own star witness. Do you see the perpetrator. Yeah I'm right here fuck around and get the whole label sent up for years."

  4. Bruh can we take in he fucking said all of his last work for AT LEAST the last 7-8 years was all done on an iPad????????? Absolute legend proves gear does not equal skill.

  5. Madlib really made me tear up when he talks about J dilla. The twos creativity level was way too high to the point that nobody around them would ever get what they see and hear music.

  6. Shoutout to the interviewer. I'm a big madlib fan and it's clear he's watched some other interviews and done his research. Props!

  7. Damn guys you need to invest in some chairs. You both look uncomfortable sitting on some stools all hunched over, plus the more comfortable your guest is the better the back and forth.

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