Beyoncé and Jay-Z Dedicate “Young Forever” to Grenfell Fire Victims in London

One year after the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in West London that killed 72 people and displaced over 100 more, Beyoncé and Jay-Z paid tribute to the fallen Londoners during their On The Run II concert stop in the city.

“This goes out to the family and friends of the victims of the Grenfell fire, God bless you,” said Beyoncé before she begun singing “Young Forever” while holding Jay-Z’s hand. The two were also wearing bright green heart solidarity badges. After the tribute, Justice4Grenfall, an organization is dedicated to holding authorities responsible for the negligence and lack of public safety that led to the deadly fire of the Grenfell Tower housing project, shared their appreciation for Bey and Jay for taking time out of their show to remember the fallen victims.

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30 thoughts on “Beyoncé and Jay-Z Dedicate “Young Forever” to Grenfell Fire Victims in London

  1. these people are just manipulating BS , all they do this for is more money, Beyoncé is whining for the blacks but keeps looking more white all the time

  2. Does anyone else feel this connection with Beyoncé since they were little. God keeps telling me that she's not wicked or evil but some type of gift but the gift isn't really her but the kids. The kids are going to save Beyoncé from Jay and expose the industry and the world like Paris Jackson or Jaden and Willow Smith . I just feel she's more great then she seems lol. It's a crazy feeling. It's like she Mary and her kids are Jesus figures or some kind of warning for everyone WEIRD LOL

  3. Oooohhh did that gay ass performance bring those people back to life? Im so elated that Beyonce and gay z took 3 minutes away of their precious time to perform a shitty cover song. Im also glad complex and hanuban took the time to cover this very important story. All that money on journalism school just to cover stories that tmz wont and to wear stolen clothes from gay nerds

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