Bhad Bhabie on Meeting Cardi B, Her Start in Rap, and More | Open Late with Peter Rosenberg

Bhad Bhabie joins “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg” to address claims of cultural appropriation, recall the moment she decided to rap, reflect on meeting Cardi B and explain why she hates the phrase that made her famous.

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35 thoughts on “Bhad Bhabie on Meeting Cardi B, Her Start in Rap, and More | Open Late with Peter Rosenberg

  1. I've never even heard of her until randomly scrolling through suggested videos. When someone like her; who was brought up influenced by "White privilege", it only makes their phony Ebonics lingo sound illiterate, rather than naturally cultured, making those types come off as if they're developmentally disabled. If they only knew how irritating they come off! Shame on them for exploiting the hip-hop and rap culture.

  2. I love the comments if you don't like somebody why would you go to video about them just to hate nothing better to do y'all are so amazing at least she making money

  3. Honestly she's not that bad of a rapper. The grown attitude she has is disrespectful yes, but honestly, I don't really care much about that because of her hustle. And I appreciate that she talked about not liking Nicki's attitude.
    I started hating Nicki Minaj's attitude once she started to become really famous. I used to be so excited to listen to her and watch her because she seemed so fun and care free but now she's got this "Queen of Rap" attitude. And most of her performances have been pretty boring recently. I still listen to her music but I don't like the attitude.

  4. ya lowered the bar for years and when anyone can get in get mad. You can't okay Cardi B and hate her when she's no different (in sense of come up, and the team behind her) and keeping it 100 she flows/rides a beat better than Cardi.

  5. 2:33 Rosenberg looks scared & at the same time like he isn’t trying to laugh 😩🤣! But she’s right my Friend manages him (& no I’m of course not “badgalriri” 🤣) but he grew up on mixed Music & the manager London wasn’t going to manage him til a Friend said Dude his madddddd talented & he is! Go Danielle

  6. Ew why did y’all ever make her famous? She was a little funny just for that moment but now y’all have tooken it way too far. Smh so many talanted people out there who deserve to be famous and THIS is who- nvm

  7. Rosenberg what the fuck are you doing? Why not just stick to your lane. Why chase views? The money is not worth your credibility as a hip hop journalist, it never adds up. Most people that follow their lane, it ends up panning out in the future. Wish you’d realize that, you’re supposed to be somewhat of a vet but yet here we are. Only clicked on this cuz of flex too, didn’t even know about it so yeah in a sense he’s right you might owe him a bag because he gave the views you were looking for.

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