“Big Baby” Davis Stunts on Drug Charges; Awful NBA Nicknames; Tourney Upsets | Out of Bounds

After an upset-heavy first weekend of March Madness, brackets everywhere are busted. Gilbert Arenas — whose Arizona Wildcats lost in the first round, falling juuuuuust short of the championship he predicted — and the #OutofBounds crew weigh in on the crazy results and the bets they placed. Plus, Gil explains why higher seeds really lose and shares his personal experience catching an early L at Arizona. Next, the guys respond to the hilarious IG response video that former NBA champion Glen “Big Baby” Davis posted after it came out that police arrested him last month and charged him with seven counts of drug possession and distribution. Nice guy that he is, Gil provides a sound defense for Big Baby’s legal team. Then, with sensitive golfer Rory McIlroy complaining about hecklers and calling for a course limit on alcohol, OOB debates whether sporting events should regulate booze more than they do. Gil has a heckler hot take for athletes and a story of how he shut one drunk Celtics fan all the way down. Finally, after Anthony “The Brow” Davis and James “The Beard” Harden played each other over the weekend, the team talks about terrible NBA nicknames, and Gil says which nicknames are always trash and shares the back story to “Agent Zero.”

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28 thoughts on ““Big Baby” Davis Stunts on Drug Charges; Awful NBA Nicknames; Tourney Upsets | Out of Bounds

  1. I like this show bc it’s to the point and not a lot of Unnecessary long winded speaking like akademics does on everyday struggle. Plus it’s a half an hour not hour to hour and half. Some of these shows and podcast are way to long. Ain’t no one got time for that lol

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