Big T: I Don’t Want to Go Back to the Old Big T – In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, Big T addressed the requests from fans to revert back to his old style that he used in battles against Tsu Surf, Hitman Holla, and Hollow Da Don.

In recent years, Big T has been bombarded with a heavy amount of criticism from fans for having fallen off. When asked if he’ll try to bring back the “old Big T” in his future battles, he explained why he isn’t “chasing [his] old performances.” T stated that if people want to see the “old Big T,” then they need to simply watch his old battles. He is focused on evolving as a battler, and broke down why some fans have issues with his bars and delivery.

Big T feels as though fans need to catch up to his unorthodox rap style, instead of having him dumb down his bars. He explained how he often delivers punchlines at awkward moments instead of the standard delivery that many other battlers use. If fans pay more attention to his lyrics, then Big T believes that he will be judged much more fairly in the future.

Do you think that fans need to catch up to Big T’s bars, or does he need to bring back the old Big T?


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