Bill Cosby Judge Might Not Allow Jurors to Hear Testimony on Use of Quaaludes

A huge part of Cosby’s case from last year was his admitted use of quaaludes.

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38 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Judge Might Not Allow Jurors to Hear Testimony on Use of Quaaludes

  1. Cosby said in his deposition that he gave quaaludes to one woman that he wanted to have sex with. She has testified that she took them once after he told them what they were and it was of her own free will. Later she changed her story. She says that she think she had sex with him more than once, but can't remember how many times. They had a twenty year friendship from 1975 to 1995 which ending in 1995 when she asked him for money. Before Cosby's deposition was illegally made public, nobody else claimed they ever got quaaludes from Cosby.
    Cosby had the prescription for quaaludes because of a legitimate medical problem. He had bursitis and shoulder muscle tears because he played a lot of tennis at age 38 against professional tennis players often ten years younger than himself.
    It is totally ridiculous to say that because he shared quaaludes once with one lover in 1976, that means he drugged and raped somebody in 2004. It is totally ridiculous to put it in as evidence as the judge and prosecutor did last year. It is like accusing somebody of robbing a bank and you want to use as evidence that he bounced a check 30 years earlier.
    The 60+ accusations against Cosby sound damning until you start looking at each accusation separately and you see that there is no evidence to support any of them, and all the women have lots of motives -economic, political and personal – to make them up.

  2. I know this has been going on for a while but it’s still sooooo wild to think about. The things that are coming to light and into the news makes me think somehow life has turned into an alternate reality. Bc there’s so much “wtf” going on 😞

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