Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Trying to Limit Number of Accusers Who Can Testify at Retrial

Prosecutors are trying to bring in as many as 19 women to testify against Bill Cosby during his retrial in April. But at the comedian’s pretrial hearing on Monday, Cosby and his legal team tried to have the number of witnesses limited or have the sexual assault case tossed altogether, according to the Associated Press.

The defense, led by former Michael Jackson lawyer Tom Mesereau, argued that Cosby accuser Andrea Constand, who testified against the 80-year-old last year, lied about the date of the alleged crime. Constand claims the entertainer drugged and molested her in his home in Philadelphia in January 2004. The defense is trying to prove the encounter couldn’t have taken place during that month based on phone records and travel itineraries. The date has become a central focus of the trial, because if the incident took place any time before January 2004, the abuse falls outside of the statute of limitations and the trial can be thrown out.

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34 thoughts on “Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Trying to Limit Number of Accusers Who Can Testify at Retrial

  1. I guess its just a meme to accuse bill cosby of rape apparently. If it happened years ago, you had plenty of time to say something. If he actually raped alot of women then just let a old Nigga live since he finna burn in the lake of fire anyway. Cryin ass hoes with no evidence.

  2. Y’all fucking with that old man yet TRUMP BITCH ASS even said he touches bitches coochies 🤔🤔🤔 shit don’t add up or makes sense, these bitches was drug addicts and if they was minors their parents knew they was with the shit because they was partying with them these bitches are in they 60’s,, HOW THA FUCK U REMEMBER SHIT THAT FAR BACK, hell I don’t remember yesterday damn near and I don’t even do drugs 😡 #DUMBSHIT

  3. They knew what was up. They went to the hotel, willingly, knowing he was a married man. Spanish fly was socially acceptable at the time and they were fully aware of the concept of the "casting couch". They were all down to drizzown.

  4. Trying to convict someone of rape from cases that allegedly happened years ago is like trying to eat soup with a butter knife, its completely pointless (unless theres video)

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