Bill Duke Never Had Children Because of His Discrimination for Being Dark Skinned (Part 7)

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Bill Duke spoke to VladTV about witnessing the progression in society since the 1940s and realizing that integration brought more freedoms and access to black people, but he added that there was never an economic integration. During the conversation, Bill Duke also stated that he wanted the 40 acres and a mule that President Lincoln promised, and he went on to speak about the division of races in society today.

Elsewhere in the clip, he also opens up about how his commitment to his career kept him from having children, noting that parenting is not actually about ‘having’ children, as opposed to being about fathering, mothering, and providing. Additionally, Duke notes that the racism he faced over his dark complexion had at times led him to not want to be a father, as he points out that dark skin has universally been discriminated against around the globe.


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