Bill Nye ​Roasts Complex Staffer Questions | Conspiracy Corner

Bill Nye the Science Guy took a few questions from Complex staff and let’s say some of them might have to go back to school.

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35 thoughts on “Bill Nye ​Roasts Complex Staffer Questions | Conspiracy Corner

  1. The sun travels across earth we are not revolving around it that doesn’t make since.. if you guys would stop lying about how far it is then ppl would think twice.. bill is a guy that knows energy never stops but doesn’t believe in a higher power.. scientist that believe in intelligent design would obliterate bill that’s why he won’t debate them. News flash people!! It’s an unbreakable dome we live in and we’ve never broken low earth orbit.. nothing is getting past that barrier.. stop letting these ppl lie to you.. you’ve been on an air plane correct? Why do you think they tell you how high above ground you are? Because if you knew the actual height you would start asking questions.. if you knew mathematics there is now way your making it from California to South Carolina in a 7 hr flight no stops.. you would make it much faster if it was spinning.. and when your that high does the earth look round? No.. clearly there is an agenda here

  2. Every time I see people say "he's an engineer not a scientist" I want to gauge my eyes out. You people should look up the subjects they have to have expertise in. Engineers use their knowledge of physics and thermo sciences to create things to help humanity have an easier way of life. Fuck man. Question this man while you sitting at your moms house not doing shit with your life. Didn't even go to college.

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