Billie Eilish REVEALS Her Relationship Status!

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Billie Eilish has had one crazy year. It seems like the 17 year old is EVERYWHERE, but we still know so little about her. Until now.

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Billie is finally opening up about her personal life, more specifically her LOVE LIFE!

You already know that she has some songs that talk about the darker side of love

But now she’s telling us about her real life love life.

And honestly, she’s taking a page out of Ariana Grande’s book

She revealed in a recent interview that she was in love

But now, Billie has found a love so profound with… Herself!

And here is where Ariana comes into play!

Which makes total sense… Billie is only 17 years old, she’s touring, making new music, and navigating stardom like a boss… so when else would she have time to commit to someone else???

Billie didn’t name any names when it came to WHO she used to be in love with, though, my guess is that it wasn’t anybody famous.

On top of her romantic relationships, she also talked about her relationship with her fans.

She said she’s not able to go in the crowd and interact with fans like she once used to.

Billie said quote “As much as there are amazing, precious, incredible fans that want the best for you and just want to be happy with you and want you to be happy, there are people that are crazy – and not even fans – just people that are out there and just want to grab you and get you”

Billie’s pretty direct with her fans and active on social media – but she still keeps the majority of her personal life just that – personal.

As she should! But still, I can’t help but wonder what lucky person she used to be in love with.

But let’s hear from you guys. Do you think Billie should be more open with her fans when it comes to topics like this? Or is it a good thing that she gets to have a private life off the stage? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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