Birdman Returns Home To New Orleans For Cash Money’s 20th Annual Turkey Giveaway! (WSHH Exclusive)

Congratulations and much respect to Birdman and Cash Money Records on their 20th annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway in New Orleans.
Filmed by @_davyboi @streetgrinddvd

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26 thoughts on “Birdman Returns Home To New Orleans For Cash Money’s 20th Annual Turkey Giveaway! (WSHH Exclusive)

  1. De faire de bon action vers la miséricordieux sans compte beaucoup et sans ouvrait tout on niveau de la vie. on fait dis mal on fait du bon mais si on continue dis bon la tranquillité s’avant gagne beaucoup de place vers nous et kanda makasiiiiii eko kota te vers nous parce lui-même il l’a crée le monde pour la tranquillité vers lui et vers nous seigneurs dit monde personne île peux s’arrête les travailler de la miséricordieux sauf lui-même et tant que le visible de tout le visible le connaisseur de tout le connaisseur le monde c’est à lui…

  2. birdman is giving out free food what da fuck is everyone else doing I never see Wayne giving out free food as for birdman is broke that a joke all of you haters wish you have birdman life you here hungry broke taking the train to work that's even if your broke ass as a job and your watching stunna stunna doesn't take a cab or train or walk the man as he's own car's birdman is doing something good and these people here they go again that's Wayne money so birdman didn't have no money before or after wayne it just pisses me off when people talk shit Wayne is the one who was alway following birdman style so how the hell are they saying birdman is gay oh because he kiss Wayne Wayne never say no or stop him either people you should get a life and mind your own business

  3. Turkey give away nigga you ain't Nino Brown your a booty boy that sign's young artists to take advantage of them after you ripped off Lil Wayne which was the only person who stuck with you after you ripped off the Hot Boys cuz if Wayne didn't stay Cash Money would of become No Limit after falling off cuz Wayne is the person who blew Cash Money up and supposed to be your adopted son now your sights are set on Youngboy, Young Thug, Glokknine and any other youngin you think are cute, old ass homo

  4. STOP arguing with these suckers I'm a G from Chicago and you are G from New Orleans you you didn't made nothing out of something and you got lots of n*** rich so you stop arguing with these suck ass haters you is the number one Stunna

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