Black Mother and Daughter Harassed About ‘Diseases’ by Poolside Racist

A white man harassed a black family at the pool of a Westin hotel in Pasadena, California, going on a rant about “diseases” and asking whether a 5-year-old girl was clean enough to swim in the pool. The girl’s mother, Carle Wheeler, filmed the man’s rant and posted it on Facebook.

According to Wheeler, the man approached the family “under the pretense” that he worked for the health department. “I simply asked them if they’d showered. I’m sorry,” he says in the video Wheeler posted. “I’m tired of getting in pools people consider baths.”

“No hotel security or staff was around to stop his verbal harassment,” Wheeler wrote. “At that point I called BS and I confronted him on what appeared to be blatant racism. I let him know that being black is not a disease and showering would not wash the BLACK off our skin,” she continued.

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26 thoughts on “Black Mother and Daughter Harassed About ‘Diseases’ by Poolside Racist

  1. How is asking a question racist? He has every right to ask anyone he wants a question, she has every right not to answer him, but she doesn't have the right to cause a scene and start yelling and screaming. But from my experience most black women are hot-headed, rude and obnoxious. And then you guys turn it around and call it racist, unbelievable.

  2. Hmm… How ignorant! Black people spent hundreds of years being robbed of their virtues by white men; acting as wet nurses and bed warmers etc. for white families and have the DNA to prove it! Why is it that we were (i.e., Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne) and are considered "too dirty" to swim in chlorinated pools? Black comedians frequently joke about whites not washing their hands after using restrooms. Black people, in my experience, do not kiss their dogs on the mouth and don't have them lick plates. That is because as servants throughout our history in the Americas we were the keepers of household hygiene, not the violators of it.

  3. Hmm… He is talking about disrespect while wearing that shirt. Mohamed killed Chriatians and was a warlord and I would still not wear a shirt disrespecting Mohamed. Christ was a carpenter who only thought and performed miracles, but you wear his cross upside down.

  4. LOL… think that it about racism…maybe they just want people to shower instead of using the pool as a shower… COMPLEX is paid by SOROS………everything in America sucks…thanks COMPLEX….

  5. im white, and i never ran thru those showers b4 getting into the pool…..and i love when old ppl get on rants about it…..i put them in the same category as tree huggers, vegans and global warming ppl 😛

    (theres a reason pools use chlorine)

  6. White people are funny. It's like they are always thinking of ways to be hateful to other races, meanwhile I an going to school and taking advantage of my opportunities. But when I achieve a nice lifestyle through hard work they want to say it's affirmative action, or welfare.
    White people are so amusing to me. I just humbly take what they dish and keep moving.

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