‘Black Panther’ About to Pass ‘Titanic’ to Become No. 3 Highest-Earning Movie in the U.S

Marvel and Disney’s Black Panther continues its reign as a box office superhero. The film is high on a record-breaking streak, and it’s just made history again. Its $652.5 million domestic box office total reported on Tuesday officially beats out Jurassic World’s $652.3 million earned in 2015. That makes Black Panther the No. 4 movie ever in the U.S.

And in a mere $6.8 million, Ryan Coogler’s MCU-redefining film will pass 1997’s Titanic to give us a new No. 3. (It could happen as early as Thursday or Friday, although Forbes’ estimate isweekend’s end if not very early next week.)

Once Black Panther passes James Cameron’s nautical 11-time Oscar-winner, it will need to rally another $100 million to hit Avatar’s $760.5 mill. At the top of the heap is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, dropped in December 2015 and outperformed all of American movie history to the tune of $936.6 million.

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46 thoughts on “‘Black Panther’ About to Pass ‘Titanic’ to Become No. 3 Highest-Earning Movie in the U.S

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