‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler Responds to Alt-Right Rotten Tomatoes Campaign

On Thursday, we reported that a Facebook page linked to the alt-right was plotting to drive down the Rotten Tomatoes score of Black Panther, the highly anticipated Marvel movie and the first black-centric superhero film in the MCU. Mind you, it’s not their first attempt.

The group, who’s calling themselves, Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchise and its Fanboys, also took credit for tanking The Last Jedi’s Rotten Tomatoes score. In an admirable demonstration of tact, the film’s director, Ryan Coogler, took a page out of the Michelle Obama handbook of going as high as these trolls stooped low.

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48 thoughts on “‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler Responds to Alt-Right Rotten Tomatoes Campaign

  1. Last Jedi has a poor Rotten Tomatoes audience score cuz its awfully written and just bad. Not cuz "alt-right trolls," LOL! Believd whatever helps you sleep at night.

    Only reason critics rate it so high cuz its Disney and Star Wars, the 2 biggest brands. And critics will he black-balled if they give Star Wars a bad review, or not invited to early Star Wars events and screenings anymore.

  2. Black Panther is a film that advocates for segregated ethnostates and the people pointing this negative attribute of the film out are alt-right? Uh huh…

  3. The irony in calling out the "alt-right" is that the Black Panther character is from an ethno-state; it's isolationist, traditionalist, has a "wall," and is obviously not "diverse." Wakanda is is the kind of country the alt-right wants for itself!

  4. For everyone who is going to see Black Panther on it’s opening weekend please stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Even a fictional movie about an independent African nation has these White supremacist riled up. Stay safe out there.

  5. Hello Black Panther fans! Have made his statue on my sculpting channel. Check him out. sure you will like it! Anyway can't wait for the film to come out! Hope it will be at least as good as Ragnarok was!

  6. Um, yea, the title in this video is very misleading. The Facebook page that wanted to destroy Black Panthers movie review was not a "alt-right" group or was linked to any alt-right websites, it was a group of DC fans SOME WHO WERE ACTUALLY BLACK BY THE WAY!!

  7. I love all these stop making everything about race from white Europeans as of their countries dont have race problems. Well, you do but your gov't has successfully made u so oblivious to it we see it here in the states no more than u guys do. Don't get mad because we won't let this shit fly under the radar. I guess we're more socially conscious than u guys

  8. Please dude not all conservatives are bad and I don’t consider these people “alt-right”, it’s bad if they are doing this but half of y’all just going to see black panther just because he’s a black superhero. Also don’t come at me because I’m going to see it to because I Read the comics and I love the character. People just need to stop making everything about race or political view points.

  9. This was more than likely an attempted sabotage by the so called "anti-SJW" crowd. What's a SJW movie to them? ANY movie where the prominent roles go to someone other than a white male. They will claim the movie has some "SJW" agenda. Try asking them to explain how they 'know' a movie they haven't seen has an "SJW" agenda and watch the BS they vomit up.

    "anti-SJW" is a blanket they use to cover up their true agenda,

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