Black Panthers vs. White Supremacists

Charges were dropped against Shannon Finley and Charles Crostley, both white men, in the dragging death of Brandon McClelland, who is black. The decision sparked protests from the Black Panthers and white supremacists.


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28 thoughts on “Black Panthers vs. White Supremacists

  1. This is why I feel no remorse for the kids starving in Africa. You bring them over here and they continue living off welfare and stamps and all the have to say instead of thank you is “you white people privileged, all white people the same, i got a gat mf I’ll shoot you” so what’s more intelligent them building their community on their own soil and prospering without help or us spoon feeding them and not teaching them how to work for what they want therefore making them reliant on us?

  2. They look like they are on meth and crack, they are truly racist. Like anyone who doesn't like a black person because of they skin has mental issues and needs to really go to mental hospital all because a person is black you don't like them, that makes no sense at all.

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