Black People Racist towards White People? (Social Experiment)

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Black People Racist? (Social Experiment) – Hood – Pranks – Prank
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Author: admin

45 thoughts on “Black People Racist towards White People? (Social Experiment)

  1. This is using a phone😂 white people be shooting black ppl fuck u mean “racism” white people be out dea calling black people “niggers” but u don’t hear black people call whites crackers

  2. Has nothing to do with them thinking he's a cop, it's just pure racism. I grew up in Texas and had lots of very good black friends but this attitude was a common experience for any white guy whos interacted with black people growing up. I had very good black friends, or so I thought as a kid, but when they were in groups with each other sometimes they wouldn't even talk to me, didn't want to be caught having a why e friend.

  3. As we should be WTF, haven’t white people given us a reason to be distrusting of them! We have had civil rights laws in this country that they still don’t abide by. Did California have to pass a law so black people can wear their natural hair so phuck you!

  4. Same group of people everyday accusing whites of racism. I often wonder? You don't wanna be nice but you want whites to be nice right? All of your economic struggles you bitch to whites about. Especially at the boarder. After watching this why should whites give a fuck about you? What's the benefit in it to do so. Give a little get nothing back? Yeah fuck off.

  5. Can’t we all be friend for once this racism is getting out of nowhere like this has got to stop for once let Black people and White people comes together as One 👏👏

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