Black Unemployment Falls to Record Low, Trump Takes Credit

The President attempt to claim an accomplishment he’s had very little to do with.

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35 thoughts on “Black Unemployment Falls to Record Low, Trump Takes Credit

  1. Why is it that every time Trump talks about unemployment, he only mentioned the unemployment of blacks and his Hispanic‘s? Why does he never include white unemployment? It is as if he’s trying to say that white people don’t have a jobs problem and that he’s doing all that he can to help blacks and Hispanics. By his omitting unemployment of whites, he solidifies the fact that all the blacks and Hispanics jobs are the only ones who are poor and in need of help. It’s a typical white supremacist tactic to make it seem like white people are here to help everyone else because it’s their country. Such lies and bullshit. There are more white people on welfare than anyone else!

  2. Complex is "Fake News" y'all.

    Obama was in for 8 years and couldn't even get the GDP Past 2%

    Under President TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Over 250 + companies giving $1000 bonuses and or raises due to Trump's tax cuts 💰💰

    Major Manufacturing companies returning back to the U.S. 💰💰💰

    Apple investing $350 Billion in new factories in the U.S. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

    Annihilated job killing regulations

    Stock market hitting consecutive record breaking numbers

    Allowed companies to repatriate their profits from overseas to invest back into their companies here at home. That's anywhere between 2.5 to 5 trillion in total combined overseas profits from major companies.

    Trump got rid of the Obamacare individual healthcare mandate.

    none of this.. I repeat.. NONE OF THIS !
    Happened under Obama..

  3. Oh shit! If all these blacks see they can get jobs we will be fucked.Better push the America is racist narrative harder.We will sit and look away at SOTU and pretend we didn’t hear that. Lol too fucking funny.Dems are done,black folks are starting to wake up,as are Hispanics who see Trump wants to give 1.7 million citizenship.All Dems will have left are gays, lesbians ,white male haters and communists, as well as a few rich entertainers.

  4. The real news is that millions of black Americans are feeling motivated to get decent jobs and black caucus leaders in Congress could care less.

  5. Obama never consistently mentioned the fact that the black unemployment rate dropped every year since Dec 2009, 7 consecutive years of his presidency. This oversight allowed the opening for trump to attempt to take credit for it happening

  6. I just want to know what bill, policy, or effort of any kind can we contribute this number to? With one year in some credit has to go to the last administration because education, job training etc. often takes more than a year. Policies take time to go into effect. But i'm very willing to give POTUS some credit if we can find any bill, policy, or effort of any kind that contributed to this statistic.

  7. HAHAHAHA obama what a fucking joke that is ! you people and when i say you people i mean FAKE NEWS ! need to fucking check the facts before saying shit like this (OBAMA NUMBERS)FOR BLACK Unemployment .. jan 2008 9.1 dec 12.1 jan 2009 12.7 dec 2009 16.1 jan 2010 16.5 dec 2010 15.5 jan 2011 13.6 dec 2011 14.0 jan 2012 13.6 jan 2013 13.7 jan 2014 12.1 jan 2015 10.4 jan 2016 8.9 trump dec 2017 6.8

  8. Saying Obama gets the credit for this massive economic boom. Is the same as firing the head coach of a loosing team, his replacement starts winning and you give the credit to the loosing coach. Or its like a stupid person who cant figure out the square root of 25 on there own. So someone smarter gives the correct answer, the stupid person doesn't get the credit.

    Let me enlighten – whoever is the current leader gets credit for the current condition.

    You might think he's a narcissistic- sexist -racist. (and you aren't?) But so far he has helped American citizens.

  9. Trump and his White House is such a SHIT HOLE….he has no policy that directly effect his statement. By saying to blacks " what do you have to lose" is not a policy. He couldn't, in all probability, even speak to a policy. Very ineffective speaker unless he's whistling red meat dixie.

  10. Of course the economy is growing and unemployment down under Trumo, he's cutting regulations in businesses and cutting taxes in those who actually employ, it's not rocket science, and all these trends that are happening will probably increase under trump.

  11. I’m a liberal and this video was so hipster left-wing that it still mates be cringe. This channel is embarrassment as they change anything to fit their agenda. Aren’t u guys a hip hop channel anyways??? No wonder Joe Budden left. This guy hates being white too. Wtf

  12. So kind of Complex News to say he's had very little to do with it; it's more like practically nothing.

    Black unemployment rate by end of year:
    2009: 16.1%
    2010: 15.5%
    2011: 15.4%
    2012: 14.0%
    2013: 11.9%
    2014: 10.6%
    2015: 8.5%
    2016: 7.9%
    Jan 20, 2017: Trump inaugurated
    Dec 20, 2017: GOP (Trump's?) tax reform bill passed; 11 days left in 2017. "Yay!!! We finally passed something meaningful this year. Go us!!!" Did I mention 11 days left in 2017? Oh, nevermind, I see that I did.
    2017: 6.8%

    Who was President 2009 – 2016?
    Extra credit: Whose administration is responsible for the rate being 16.1% in 2009?
    Extra credit: Which news channel shamelessly chooses to distort reality by refusing to, at the very least, give Obama's administration credit for 7.9% by the end of his presidency?

  13. The only reason the job rate for blacks are up is because 97% Europeans Heroin overdose rate worldwide And they are being fired for Coming To work high off of heroin pills Meth

  14. Illegal immigration takes jobs from people who are US citizens. You want unemployment to go down you have to get tough on who you let through your borders. They set up shop within the black communities make their money here and don't redistribute it within the United States but send to their own country.

  15. Obama did that? how come it never showed while he was 8 years in presidentsy ?… liberal media is bs … doesnt mean i support Trump but i am not going to start to lie to myself because i dont like him

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