Black Women Speak Out After Announcement Of No Charges For Officers In Breonna Taylor Case

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42 thoughts on “Black Women Speak Out After Announcement Of No Charges For Officers In Breonna Taylor Case

  1. Why does Leonard keep drawing an equivalent to black men? Yes we are in this together but it’s time to console our women. Not dismiss or diminish their pain.
    They DO have more struggles to contend with. How can a MAN sit up there and suggest it’s the same? Pay inequality? Sexual assault? Health disparities?
    You all have to deal w racism AND being a woman. 🙏🏽🖤

  2. For those upset about this segment focusing specifically on the pain of Black Women, let me break it down for you. This isn’t about black men vs black women. The Breonna Taylor case provides a Unique Opportunity to discuss the effects of the intersectionality of race and gender on Black Women:

    If you take out 2 pieces of paper and write down a list of things you have to worry about as a black person on one page and a list of things you have to worry about as a woman on the other, you end up with two lists of tragic experiences. But imagine what it’s like to live a life where both tragic experiences apply to you? The purpose of these types of conversations is not negate the experience of black men. The purpose is to acknowledge and explore the specific experiences of black women; one in which two different storms collide and you’re left having to find a way to survive and thrive despite the many obstacles against you.

  3. 9:08. This is what this whole conversation should have been about. Thank you, Charlamagne! As a black woman, I fear for my future, but I also fear for every black man, woman and child’s future! These are not separate issues we are dealing with here! It’s one issue with sightly different methods to take us out! United we stand; divided we fall! Black women and men, protect each other and protect your children. That’s how we get though this fight!

  4. Y r ppl complaining about them focusing on blk women? U can’t please ppl period these days.. hell yeah they focused on blk women just we all blk doesn’t mean it’s all the same struggle I’ve seen a lot of white men that’s racist and sexist and yes we all get treated differently regardless of what yaw say.. if there wasn’t anyone focusing on blk ppl period then yaw would be mad frfr then just be appreciative that we have ways of getting racism out here more and there’s ppl willing to focus and spread the hatred and wrong doing of our ppl… so what if they focused on blk women today let them have there day bc they’ve focused on blk ppl all together plenty of times… all of you r so quick to turn on ppl just like yaw did to Kendrick and j Cole and they’ve been talking about this stuff in their music way b4 a lot of ppl started trying to focus on it… smh this is sad af

  5. To what Charlamagne said at 3:10 we do need to stick together but beyond black men being targeted, black women are still treated worse. And we come back up everyone no matter the race. Black men, start supporting black women MORE stop talking down about us. You hear no other ethnic group of men talking about their women negatively…so if our own black men don't even respect us how do we stick together and fight together? I've never heard an Asian, Latin American, South American, European and your standard white American man talk about their women in the way we are discussed in music media etc. So enough black men and women lets stand together because to the outside we look divided. Extremely divided.

  6. So no one is going to talk about the father who was shot in the bronx shielding his 3 kids, from 3 armed BLACK men smh…. yall are out here defending and talking about a criminal who unfortunately died…. twisted ass morals

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  7. Democrats are not the same as Republicans educate yourself s Republicans always had position of power of the bylaws it was written in the constitution of white supremacist during the civil war the Senate blocked every bill the dems tried to pass don't you get black people open your eyes it's about money and power stop blaming the demecrateyed party when all they tried to do was help are asses miss me wit that ignorance

  8. In order for the solution to happen not the problem we need to get all them trump administrators Republicans in higher positions and trumps 200 elected judges in position of power out in November Biden/Harris 2021 y'all

  9. We have to protect our own and neighbourhoods…. when police violent . Stop voting for politicians who do do anything for us about the police violence . Stop paying murderers. Start protesting the police union and police private homers let there families know they are criminals like Nazis hiding behind the badges and the boolicker court officials for their complicity and corruption. The system is broke . Simon Wiesenthal hunted ex Nazis brought …. why can't we no justice you get no Sleep.

  10. These feminist are here to divide the black race.If you look at the data the black man is the most uneducated,unemployed,and incarcerated group.DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE LIE TO YOU.

  11. Charlamagne spoke factz. Stop trying to make it seem like Black women have it worst. It is US together. Stop misusing Malcolm Xs quote to further divide the genders in the cause of European feminism.

  12. Kamala Biden nor Obama is not part of the problem they don't hold positions of power to do eanything unless the house and Senate approves aka Jim Crow Republican party the Republicans held positions of power since the Reagan administration black people stop blaming them they had no choice demecrates couldn't pass eany bill all because the Senate blocking it so let's not say demecracts didn't do eanything for black people if it was for dems you wouldn't have health care housing and social security you would be homeless

  13. You no how a white person will be prosecuted differently than a black person would and will be indicated differently.the system hasn't changed since Jim Crow the Republicans have power over the house and Senate not to mention these 200 judges trump put in position it's sad

  14. This all started with the 2 and 5th amendment working out in favor of Republican party staring from the civil war Jim Crow the system hasn't changed since then look up the police reform bylaws it all works out in the police favor that they can do eanything they want to you and get away with murder Jim Crow never left ya

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