Blackhawks Fans Raise Money After Racist Chant Aimed at Devante Smith-Pelly

Earlier this week, a group of Chicago Blackhawks fans chanted “basketball” at Washington Capitals winger Devante Smith-Pelly. The 25-year-old is black, and the implication of the chant was clear: the fans insinuated that Smith-Pelly didn’t belong on the ice. They were booted from the game.

He eventually confronted them.

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29 thoughts on “Blackhawks Fans Raise Money After Racist Chant Aimed at Devante Smith-Pelly

  1. People who think that any prejudice is some cosmic injustice — and can be defeated by yelling "Racist!" at the offending perpetrator — are grossly under-appreciating the fact that the human brain is a pattern-matching machine. It uses differentiation and integration — just like you learned in calculus class! — to form generalities about everything it perceives in its' environment (and people are just another kind of object in our environment). It does this because generalities/stereotypes are a form of information compression, an artifact of evolutionary biology caused by three facts:

    1. Plentiful food is a recent development. During most of human history, food was scarce, so energy conservation, including mental energy, was a key attribute for survival. i.e., Burning neural pathways with details that were rarely needed was an inefficient use of resources.

    2. Language is a recent development. During most of human history, there was little to distinguish individual people except the attributes & behaviors we sensed with our eyes.

    3. We can never predict when we'll be confronted with potentially safety-critical situations + no time to investigate & acquire more detailed information.

    Racism/prejudice/stereotypes are NOT a set of draconian rules applied to every member of a group. Instead, they're qualitative statistical heuristics about other human’s likely behavior (a) as a function of SORRGA (sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, age), and (b) derived from some combination of
    * our own experience
    * the anecdotal stories of others in our social network
    * news stories we see in mass media
    * real statistics (in the rare cases that we encounter them, understand them, and trust their sources)

    Blanket RACISM IS ALWAYS EVIL edicts are wrong because their justification fails to account for the (grave) risks and (small) rewards of the false-positive and false-negative cases that can occur if we ignore stereotypes. Evolution favors That Which Helps Me Survive, not That Which Appeases Intellectuals, "Community Activists", and University Professors in the Social Sciences.

  2. "Raise money "….?? Wtf…the guy makes millions and you do a " we sorry those people said a slur so we are donating $$ to a charity of your choice"…wow talk about feeling guilty of something … hilarious.

  3. Ban me?
    I’d pull the “NHL has publicly embarrassed me on television resulting in a loss of earnings due to work related problems this has started”. White folks know what I’m talking about. You sue happy geniuses you.

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