Bobby Shmurda Confirms 2020 Prison Release and Responds to 6ix9ine Beef Rumors

The “Hot N*gga” rapper talked to ‘This Is 50’ from prison, and revealed that he has no problem with 6ix9ine.

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36 thoughts on “Bobby Shmurda Confirms 2020 Prison Release and Responds to 6ix9ine Beef Rumors

  1. Bobby Schmurda calls Dave Chappelleโ€™s hotline
    Dave Chappelle: You gettin out of jail!
    Bobby: Say word son!
    Dave Chappelle: you getting out free as a bird!
    Bobby: SAY WORD SON!
    Dave Chappelle: HOLD UP itโ€™s 6 weeks later, and ur going right back into jail… to the same shit….
    Bobby: What kinda of fucโ€”


  2. I thought this nigga was gonna be gone for a while longer but luckily he's one of the few niggas that didn't get into trouble in prison and is gonna be out in a year n half. Big W.

  3. why do these lame ass complex people give a fuck about this nigga just because he in jail ? he was a one hit wonder, not like he had platinum albums and shit

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