Bodycam Captures Fatal Police Shootout in Pasadena, Texas

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Police have released dash and body cam video from a shooting, during which an officer fatally shot a suspect who witnesses say opened fire on him during a traffic stop off Southmore Ave. The Pasadena Police Department says the officer attempted to pull over the suspect Thursday afternoon after he ran a stop sign. The suspect did not immediately stop, driving six blocks before coming to a stop on Spooner at the 400 block of Southmore Avenue. On the video, the officer shouts, “stay in the vehicle” and “show me your hands.” The situation quickly escalated, according to Assistant Police Chief Josh Bruegger. “He gets out of the vehicle, turns partially so he’s facing back towards the officer. At one point his hand reaches down, his right hand behind his back, and then he produces a weapon, brings it up, both hands in a shooting stance parallel to the ground, pointing it at the officer,” Bruegger said. “The officer immediately starts firing, and strikes the suspect.”

Police said the officer fired at least six times, but they do not know if the suspect actually fired at the officer. A 63-year-old man who saw the shooting from his front yard. He says the suspect did shoot at the officer and the officer had to protect himself. “It’s unfortunate the officer is placed in the position but when a suspect points a weapon at the officer, the officer really has no choice but to defend himself,” said Bruegger. The officer, 40 years old and a 13-year veteran of Pasadena PD, was not hurt. He has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard after officer-involved shootings. A Harris County grand jury will determine whether he did anything criminal. The suspect has not been identified. Police said his gun was found next to his body at the scene.

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