Bodycam Catches Deputy Stealing Money From DUI Suspect’s Wallet

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A central Florida deputy accused of stealing money out of people’s wallets is caught on his own body camera. Deputy John Braman’s body camera shows him taking $200 out of a suspect’s wallet during a DUI arrest. The Sheriff’s office says Braman was under investigation earlier this month for allegedly turning off his body camera and taking money from multiple people’s wallets. Deputy Braman has since resigned and could face criminal charges down the line. “The guy just takes $200 bills out of the client’s wallet, throws them in his trunk, folds the wallet back up, shuts the trunk.” said a local defense attorney.

“The wallet is booked in inventory less $200 and then that $200 in his trunk,” he said. “This organization has received several complaints that Deputy Braman during car stops in which he arrested the operator of the vehicle for DUI charges was stealing money from their wallets while he was processing those prisoners,” said the county Sheriff. The Sheriff’s office says Braman has a lengthy discipline history. He served a 12-hour suspension without pay for missing at least eight traffic hearings in a span of 14 months. They say he also missed at least three hearings in 2016.

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