Bodycam Footage Of Irritated Man

At 3:30 am on 8/25/18 this kid ran through a farmers field, up our gravel lane passing my son on the right in the grass, taking out public utilities etc. tore up our property and left turning left onto Upper Valley from our gravel lane. My son, who was coming home from work called the police and a Clark County deputy responded, took a report, surveyed damage and left about 5 am. German township shows up on 8/25/18 about 1 pm and this is what happened.

The Police found the car several hrs later, about 3 miles down on a street off of Fox Hollow when a family returned home from taking their daughter to college and found the damage to property, then the car and called the police. The criminal did the same thing to those property owners he went up their lane, did donuts, drove through their horse corral and crashed into a ravine, totaling car. The criminal and his parents are from Westerville, Ohio


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