Bodycam Footage Of Police Fatally Shooting Man Armed With Gun

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A fatal shooting involving a Chickasha Police Officer in November has been ruled as justified. District Attorney Jason Hicks said in a letter to Chickasha Police Chief, Stewart Steele, that the case has been placed in “closed” status following a full investigation. On Nov. 19, 2016, at 1:51 a.m. Chickasha Police responded to a call that Steve Vananda, 56, was intoxicated and had a gun. Vananda’s family told police that he had multiple guns and would see officers entering due to Vananda’s home surveillance system, a report from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said. When officers arrived at the scene, there was a group of people in the front yard, mostly Vananda’s family members. Police were advised that: Vananda was inside the home with his father Sanford, Vananda was intoxicated, Vananda had pointed the gun at a family member, and that Vananda was upset about his wife passing away three years prior.

Officer Chad King heard screaming coming from inside the home and made the decision to enter, Hicks said. King approached the bedroom where the screaming was coming from. There was a verbal argument between Vananda and his father, the report said. King turned the corner and announced, “Police Department.” Video surveillance recorded Vananda reaching toward a wall and taking possession of a firearm. At this time, King asked Vananda to drop the gun multiple times. Officer King fired his weapon, five shots can be heard on the recording, Hicks said. Hicks said it had been determined that Vananda fired his weapon in the direction of Officer King and that Officer King fired the first round. The shots fired at Vananda resulted in his death, Hicks said.

The medical examiner’s report showed that Vananda died from multiple gun shot wounds and his BAC was 0.20, in excess of intoxication by Oklahoma State standards, the report said. “Officer King, had less than one second to made a determination as to whether he should fire his weapon at Steve Vananda,” Hicks said. “As part of the investigation, the OSBI provided images of Officer King’s body worn camera in a “frame by frame” format. In the format, it is abundantly clear that Steve Vananda, after Officer King announces ‘police department’ reaches for a gun” … “It is only after Steve Vananda turned toward Officer King that Officer King fired his weapon. In a split second decision, Officer King chose to protect Sanford Vananda, Officers Ker and Peck and himself.”

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