Bodycam Footage Shows Moments After Reported Dog Attack At School

A police officer’s bodycam video shows the moments after a dog attack at a southwest Oklahoma City elementary school.

The incident happened Nov. 19 at Fillmore Elementary in the 5200 block of S Blackwelder Avenue.

Approximately 28 students were on the playground when a loose dog started going after the students, officials said.

Five children were take to local hospitals by paramedics and seven children were taken by their parents to hospitals for treatment.

The dog ran into the hallway where one teacher reportedly tackled the dog to get it away from the children.

In the video, the teacher still had the dog down to the ground when officers leashed the dog and took it back to their patrol cars.

Officials were looking for the dog’s owner and initially said if the owner wasn’t found in three days, the dog would be euthanized.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare has not euthanized the dog and said they are holding him until Nov. 29 which is the end of the 10-day quarantine period.

Animal welfare officers said they will investigate and want to speak with all of the victims to determine if the dog is deemed unsafe for the public or if the dog should be transferred to a nonprofit for adoption.


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